We have a first-level agronomic management along with one of the best equipped dewatering and drying plants in Chile that allows us to obtain a superior quality fruit.


Following the Californian experience of prioritizing the mechanized harvest, our picking process is 80% mechanically performed, and only a 20% of manual perform.

Mechanical Harvesting

Manual Harvesting


Once harvested, the walnut is transported to the processing plant.

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Hulling Plant

The walnut is received in trailers, hoppers and containers. These are identified with it´s lot, place and date of harvest.

Discharge well

The walnut is discharged and dropped to the hulling plant. This first step supplies the plant with walnuts to start its process.

Stick removal belt

This belt allows to separate the walnut from branches and sticks that come from the harvest.

Leaf and Trash Cleaner

At this stage, leaves and twigs are removed through suction and the light weight elements are discaarded; the heavier items - which are the walnuts - will continue to the next stage.

Stones Pond

In this pond, stones are removed by gravity which fall to the bottom. The nuts float on the surface of the pond ready to be pushed by blades towards a new conveyor belt.


The walnut is cleansed through a water pressure process to ensure maximum hygiene.

Walnut Reamer

The walnut reamer is a rotating cylindrical container with inner walls covered with spikes, which aim to peel off the fruit shell.

color sorter

The Color Sorter purpose is to select and discard all remaining walnuts that are missing parts. To fullfill this function, it is previously programmed with the colours and pixels that must be discarded.

Selection Panel

At this stage, all walnuts with adhered shell that weren’t separated by the Color Sorter, are discarded, in addition to all the nuts that have anomalies or defects. This selection is done manually.

Drying Process

Once the process of hulling and selection of the fruit is finished, the walnuts are stored in drying boxes. The plant has 4 drying lines with a total of 40 boxes 810 boxes per line), with a simultaneous drying capacity of 240 tons.

Drying Technology

The drying system works through thermic energy. The boxes design allows an efficient dry, as each line has a fan that impulses hot hair underneath and a burner that raises the temperature. Hot air circulates through the boxes with the walnuts.

The applied heat is controlled by an automated system (38 ° C optimum). When reaching the optimum temperature and the level of drying, the nuts are directed to another belt through the mechanical opening of the gates, transferring them to the store.


The purpose of this process is to remove the excess of moisture in the seed and shell with a controlled thermal drying program that is applied to reach the optimum and necessary 8% moisture to ensure a clearer and better flavored pulp.


The processed nuts are deposited in bins and carrier bags and stored in warehouses.


According to our client’s needs, we offer 2 final products.

Walnut with shell

There are two ways of commercializing the shelled walnuts: Calibrated walnut or bulk. In both cases the nut goes through a selection table, ensuring our clients with the fulfillment of the quality standards previously stablished. The packing format is in 25 kg sacks.

Walnut without shell

The Manual Cracking is a delicate way to crack the walnut in order to obtain a better quality and decrease damage, which leads to longer duration. For the Mechanical Cracking, we use cracking machines to obtain the kernels. Only when requested by clients.